03/04/2013 reaches the 1/2 Billion parts shipped mark!
02/14/2010 can now send text message notifications directly to your cell phone when critical events occur during the Shipment Audit and PPAP processes.
10/27/2009 You can now assign a Reference # to your Shipment Audits.  Use this optional field to associate a Shipment with a # specific to you business requirements.
10/26/2009 Press Release!  GAF Materials Corporation selects as its new Supply Chain Quality Management Portal.
1/03/2009 Data Vine, LLC is now offering our service for FREEClick here to request your FREE account today.
6/13/2008 Potential Defects (DPM/PPM) is now calculated for Shipments and Supplier Scorecards.
8/10/2007 Automated Email Reports are now here.  Get a Supply Chain status report automatically emailed to you every week or month.
8/6/2007 Manage the PPAP process with our New PPAP Document Center tools.
5/8/2007 Advanced searching features have been added to help find Shipments by ID, Serial #, Date Code, Lot#, and PO #.
3/4/2007 Users can now view a Normal Probability plot as part of their SPC analysis.
1/24/2007 Custom titles can now be added to Shipment & Rejection email notifications.
1/24/2007 Account Owners can now allow their suppliers to setup their own part information.
1/9/2007 Our Q-Alerts option is now FREE for all new accounts.
10/13/2006 Our statistical analysis module now offers charting for USL/LSL, UCL/LCL, and Moving Range.
9/23/2006 has expanded its Online Document Center so customers can now upload/store First Article Inspection Reports, Certificates of Compliance, and many other quality documents.  Our secure document handling system ties your documents directly to a specific shipment, making it easy to find the documents when you need them.

9/1/2006 Q-Alerts have just been released! Start detecting unstable processes in real time. Automatic detection of process shifts and unfavorable trends generate Q-Alerts to both you and your suppliers.
7/1/2006 Customers can now identify shipments they reject in-house. This quality data is now part of the supplier scorecard.
6/14/2006 A new Supplier Scorecard report has been added to the Control Panel allowing you to track supplier performance by month, quarter or year.
3/04/2006 Document Control quotas have been doubled, giving you twice the storage space for the same price!
2/25/2006 Pass/Fail attributes can now be assigned as a part characteristic.
2/25/2006 Cpm is now provided in your statistical results. Cpm uses a target which you enter along with upper and lower specification limits.
2/25/2006 You can now assign a Purchase Order number to each shipment.
2/06/2006 The iDataGateway is now here providing Real Time shop floor data collection.
1/25/2006 You can now select a Permanent or One Time Waiver (Deviation) when a shipment does not pass all requirements.
1/23/2006 Cp is now provided in your statistical results.
12/20/2005 You can now track each part by serial number or date code.