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www.i2SPC.com is a web-based Quality Portal
providing the automated review and analysis of supplier, and/or in-house inspection data prior to shipment, often called “Dock-Audits”. The portal immediately rejects non-conforming data, and alerts users of unfavorable trends, or potentially high defect rates. Once verified, all inspection data is archived along with quality documents such as Certificates of Compliance, Lab Reports etc.. In addition, customers may wish to upload various quality documents for secure on-line access by their suppliers. These documents are referenced on every inspection report, giving each supplier a clear indication of your requirements. The portal also supports new product introduction (NPI) through a production part approval process (PPAP) module. 
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OEMs: Our web based service allows you to monitor the quality of your supply chain easily and effectively. Read More...

Suppliers: Signup today and immediately gain a competitive advantage. Our cutting edge technology will differentiate you from other suppliers by adding significant value to your offering. Customers will be thrilled when you deliver detailed electronic inspection reports via email, and offer instant access to your quality documents.

The ideal lean approach to continuous improvement and dock to stock programs!
  • Web-based meaning no software is needed and startup is quick!
  • Automates your receiving inspection process.
  • Suppliers electronically submit quality documents, Certifications, Inspection Reports, etc.
  • Increases QA / QC resource productivity.
  • Automatically rejects a shipment at your supplier's dock if it fails to meet your requirements.
  • Monitors process capability (Cpk, Ppk, Cp, Cpm).
  • Provides warnings if trends are unfavorable, or potentially high defect rates are seen.
  • Accelerates New Product Introduction by automating the document management process.
  • Store and approve Gauge R+R, PFMEA, ISIR, Warrant, Control Plan, Process Flow Chart etc.
Over 1 Billion Parts Shipped!

Data Vine, LLC's i2SPC.com service has hit over 1 Billion parts shipped landmark!

Operating since 2005 Over 1 Billion Parts Shipped Users in US, Asia, Mexico, and Central America

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